A lost soul in a fish bowl...

It's November. Holy hashbrowns, it's November 6th already. We have a new president, and those Christmas store displays that I've been ignoring since September are starting to look like the portent of doom. Belts are tighter here at Chez PicnicKnits, but I think the culprit (private school) is well worth it. I don't really do November decorations, but there seems to be a lot of leftover mini pumpkins floating around.


I think there are like 20 in that bowl. Oh well. I've been playing with dyeing and my brain is bursting with color and ideas on how to automate the whole re-skeining process. Lots of work going on. And since we are working, we have tools...


And from the other day, I came up with some nice yarn. First up, the over-dyed Louet kit. I'm calling it Black Cherry.


And then we have the pinky-orange, the pseudo-Jaguars, and Velma Dinkley. All waiting for re-skeining.


But they will have to wait. Because tonight I need to get in a few inches of sock to make sure I loves it, and then it's pattern writing time.