A small PSA about P.S. I Love You...

Wear waterproof mascara. Or no eye makeup at all. Have tissues handy. Because dude. Yes, I'm a 35 year old woman who says dude. A lot. In type and in person. Just ask Kimber. But as I was saying, dude. This movie is wonderful. Very wonderful. It offers up some serious eye candy. Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, James Marsters!!!!! But I cried so much my whole head feels like it's going to explode. What? You're here for knitting. Presenting the S.O.S. MayDay Bath Pouf. Name courtesy of Tricia, our favorite MayDay baby. Well she's not really a baby anymore, although she might punch me in the throat the next time she sees me for saying that. Wait. Kimber is the puncher. Tricia is probably a hair-puller. But I digress. S.O.S. stands for Shower or Sink, and it's the latest installment in our KnitWitz waschloth club. Actually the next to last installment. We've had 12 patterns and the next one will be the leftovers one. Should be interesting. It's been fun to do these.


I think there might be a bath pouf version 2.0 in the future. With more poufiness!