A tale of two sleeves

I was gonna call this double the p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e but I don't want any more stranger dangers showing up round these parts.

Two lovely Rogue sleeves. They seem a bit wonky at the bottom, but I am assuming that's what blocking is for. I'm working them two at a time to avoid that other form of SSS - second sleeve syndrome. I'm itching something terrible to cast on for something else. Something lacy. Something that's a shawl. But I'm trying to resist the temptation and be diligent about working on this here "winter coat". It'd be a heckuva lot easier if the weather would cooperate. These balmy temperatures make me want to work on tank tops. And it's gonna be in the 70's here all weekend. Geez Louise.

To answer Mamma - the cascade 220 is a dream. So soft and nummy. And I've heard it gets softer even when you wash it.

In other news, I quite honestly won't be knitting any more tank tops. Or sweaters, or garments that fit my body. I've decided that until I lose this weight I'm gonna concentrate on accessories, and lace, and socks, and oh did I mention lace? Is this not gorgeous?