A (wo)man with a plan.

Today, I have a plan. Would you like to see?

1. Shower - This will include the after tasks of applying makeup and blowing my hair out.

2. Sorting laundry - Gonna take it slow and just get done whatever today.

3. Knit - I can't decide if it will be my leaf lace shawl or my rogue. One or the other.

4. Library - I still have not been to the new library downtown. So today we go.

5. Carolans - The cheaper version of Bailey's. But just as tasty in my oh so humble opinion. Tonight there will be Carolans, and watching TV, and knitting, and general relaxation.

I did make it over to the sit and knit at the last minute last night (boy scouts was cancelled) but I didn't make any progress on my shawl. But it was fun nonetheless.