Absinthe Colored Dreams

Somedays being a knitting designer is really a knitter's dream. In the past couple of weeks I've gotten all these incredible yarns in the mail for this new project. Beautiful hand-dyed yarns that I get to play with and decide what they want to be. Last night I spent the evening with my best knitting friends at Barnes & Noble, sketching out the new design and swatching the possibilities in this gorgeous new yarn. IMG_4219

This is from Liberty's Yarns. She has the most amazing array of colors. When she sent me pictures so that I could choose, it was almost too much to choose from. But for some reason my heart was set on green that day, so green it was. This gorgeous color of absinthe.


The Bluetopia base I'm working with has a gorgeous tight twist, and even though it's 100% wool it has a nice sheen to it. So I'm working with this amazing yarn and on July 1st I will have another shawlette design to release for you. And lucky you, when I release the design I will also have a skein of the fabulous Absinthe Bluetopia to give away. So don't miss that. And go visit Liberty. Her colors are to die (dye?) for and all of her yarns are American made. And watch this space for the evolution of the second of the Seven Songs.