Anticipation is making me wait…

Tonight I get to go to a knit-in. Actually I don't know what she's calling it exactly. All I know is I pay $10, get pizza, and then get to sit around all night knitting with all kinds of other knitting chickies and supposedly work on my holiday projects. Um, yeah.

I'm not really knitting much for Christmas per se. The boys' teachers may or may not get airy scarves. Actually they probably will. Tied in a pretty bow on a basket of homemade goodies. Shoot, I might as well say buckeyes, cause that is what they are getting. Everybody loves buckeyes.

I'm cleaning today and trying to convince myself not to knit, since I get to knit all night. But it's hard. I have laundry going now and the boy who is home with me has been fed. (The other boys are at the base on a boy scout go see it.)

I'm so very tempted to cast on for my jaywalker socks. So very, very. But they've been not so nice to me so far. Of course I did have some wierd sizing issues with tivoli many moons ago. And that is a great little sweater. So it will probably be worth it.

But what should I take with me to knit? I really should work on #19 if I expect to wear it to the man's big holiday shindig. It would be perfect for something "semi-formal". But it's been chilly here too. And rogue needs some serious attention. I'd love to bring my stargazer yarn and try the jaywalkers, but I kind of feel like I should bring projects with yarn from her store. Not that she would probably mind, but still. Can I just bring a large suitcase of projects?

In other news, Doot Doot really needs a haircut.