So as you might have noticed, I am kind of obsessed with the side to side garter stitch shawlettes. I mean honestly. It's like the best of every world. You cast on 2 stitches. You only finish up with 2 stitches. You work the lovely lace edging as you go along. No picking up stitches or knitting the edging on. You can use nearly any quantity of yarn. My 72"x22" shawl used about 430 yards, but if you have less you have a triangular scarf. If you have more you can make something massive and awesome. So really, it's just all good. So here's the next one, all finished up.



Argante is like Gaenor's overly romantic older sister. She's slightly more complicated, due to some short-row shaping that helps her stay on your shoulders. She's a bit shallow as older sisters are apt to be. (Only 22" deep). But the beautiful eyelet lace is soft and romantic and sophisticated at the same time. I love the way you can fold over all the edges and everything still looks lovely. Apparently I'm obsessed with reversible too.


I worked her up in more of SugarbeeStudios merino silk. Custom dyed for me. In fall inspired colors. If we can't have fall in Florida, we can at least pretend.


And she's for sale on Ravelry. Only $5.50.