At last, progress

Well after three days of stitch dictionaries and swatching and evil housework that steals my mojo... I think I've finally made some progress. I have a solid idea and chart for a new shawl. It's also kind of innovative - at least in so much as I've never seen anyone else do it quite like this. I hope it works. But now we have the million dollar choice. The yarn. It's gonna be a lovely blue-green, this much I know for sure. But which coveted, highly sought after, high-end luxury, blue-green  yarn should it be? In this corner we have the Sanguine Gryphon's Skinny Bugga in Signatus Lacewing.


What does this contender have going for it? Well for one thing I *adore* the base. Love it. Like the wedding is next Sunday. I have remnants of regular Bugga leftover from my Renita and I use it over and over for swatching because it's just so danged nice to work with. It's an MCN yarn and has 450 yards to 4 oz. So it will make a good size shawlette.

But it's up against Wollmeise.


Pfferminz Prinz. (I think I spelled that right). It's 100% Merino (I think - I lost the tag!) and it's over 550 yards. So it would make a more substantial shawl. And this shawl will be involved enough that it would be worth it to use more yardage. But I honestly don't love the cottony way it feels as you are working with. And even though I tinkered with the blur up there, it's really that lovely of a color.

So what do you think? (Pam - I know what you think!) Which yarn should I do? The little bitty swatch in the background is not indicative of what the pattern will look like - that's just a possible transition.  And when it comes down to it the yardage isn't that different. Thoughts? Decisions, decisions.