Back To School

This summer has not been our finest. Without a big trip up north to see family I feel like we haven't spent any time together. My oldest has football practice 4 days a week and my youngest is always busy doing something. In two and a half weeks they will be back in school. Which in theory will make me more productive work-wise, but still I wish this summer had gone a little differently. I think some beach and family fun days are in order. And I'm pretty sure I'm banning all cell phones on those days. They used to be so little. These are my babies in second and third grade:

Tall & Handsome!

And these are my babies now - my oldest off to high school and my youngest in 8th grade.


So in honor of my babies - yes I use that term loosely - and because I am feeling melancholy I am having a back to school sale. What kind of knitting will you be working for back to school? Being in Florida they don't have much use for hand-knits, although I might knit my oldest a cap in his new school colors. He's playing football! Who told him he could do that? Ah yes, that would be me.

But seriously, I'm having a little back to school sale! And I do confess proceeds will be used for the not-fun task of outfitting these monsters for back to school! Clothing man-sized boys is crazy expensive!

So use the code "school" and get buy one get one free on any PicnicKnits patterns or e-books - just for this weekend!