Bad things happen when you clean...

No, seriously. There are many good reasons to hate cleaning. In fact my old blog was subtitled "My adventures in knitting and my noble goal of avoiding all housework." It's a good goal. One should always have goals. But I digress (as usual). The office has been a disaster lately, so I decided on some minor tidying up. And I pulled out the sock yarn basket. (Insert music of doom).

BEFORE sock-tangle

I found many half wound balls, and all sorts of tangled nastiness. Now the sock yarn basket used to be 2 baskets, but then I destashed. Today I found that it really needed some major attention. So I put things together, I un-snargled all the snargles, and I put my ballwinder to good use.

AFTER half-full-basket

It's bigger than it looks. There is a solid layer of wound balls underneath the hanks and skeins. Now you might be saying, crazy ole Corrina, this is a good thing. Look how nice your sock basket looks. You can finish the rest of the winding later, you did good work today.  And I did. I accomplished quite a bit. But then, the bad thing happened. I found this:


Notice the lone nature of that lovely sock. Looks nice doesn't it? Cozy and with the happy colors? But it's so lonely. So now I have to decide. Do I add another WIP to my ravelry page, or do I sacrifice this nice finished sock?

I guess the good news is that I knit it so long ago I forgot about it. It will probably be "new" and "exciting" to knit the second one. Right? Right?