Back in the beginning of the year, I had an idea. One of the parts of designing that is difficult for me is coming up with names. I was watching "Sleeping With The Enemy" and Julia Roberts was talking about how Berlioz gave her chills. And not in a good way. And me, with my crazy designer knitting centric brain thought hey, Berlioz would be an awesome name for a pattern. And that's kind of how this all began. Kind of. And then I signed up for a swap. Don't ask me why. I don't have time for these things. But I asked the swap coordinators if I could design a shawlette for my recipient. And so the first prototype for Debussy was born. And then I went to Stitches South and CircusGirl helped me find the perfect color Bugga to knit up the real Debussy. And it went and went and went and went and went. And now it's done. And while half of me is super happy to be finished, the other half (the insane in the membrane half) wants to do it again. And so I present the seventh song - Berlioz:


Berlioz is knit sideways - my favorite way, in a gorgeous silk/wool blend hand dyed by Fiddleknits. Seriously, this stuff is wonderful. So soft and shiny, and the color just sings. Kind of fitting that my final shawlette is knit up in yarn dyed by a musician, no? No I didn't plan it that way. But I'm so glad it worked out!


You cast on 4 sts and you knit along and increase all happy like and then when your yarn is half gone, you turn around and go back. And when all is said and sung - you bind off 4 sts. And the angels sing. Well actually after you block it, the angels sing. Because blocking is magic my friends.


And because FiddleKnits was so supremely generous as to send me yarn at the very last minute (and save me from doom when the other yarn did not come as promised) and send me two colors so I could choose from them in person and because she's awesome - we're having a little giveaway. All you have to do is comment by the time I log onto my computer at the buttcrack of dawn on Thursday morning and you are entered for a chance to win this beauty *and* your very own copy of Berlioz!


So comment away - tell me something interesting - tell me your favorite song and you have a chance to win fabulous prizes. Parting gifts now that the Seven Songs have all been sung.