Black Friday?

Did I miss something? When did they start calling it "Black Friday"? This is the first year that I've ever heard that term. Granted, usually I hide somewhere on that day, and don't dare go near any big box store, but still....

On Friday, I actually did leave the house. I had sicks mens and I needed medicine. So I went to CVS. And then I trucked on over to Tuesday Morning to pick up some stuff for the boy scout holiday hoopla. Did the check for yarn, but no dice. Just a crapload of orange cotton-ease. And oh yeah, nobody likes the orange. Then I went to the other LYS. The one where they don't seem to like me very much. But I was in need of a sock yarn fix, and they have a much larger selection. And wonder, of all wonders, one of the ladies was super nice to me that day. But none of their sock yarn was screaming my name. So what did I buy?

The zephyr is so gorgeous. And it was only $11 a ball. I was quite rudely told on the lacelist that I overpaid, but I don't care. For 50% tussah silk, I honestly expected to pay more. And it just glows. So very pretty.

I finished my making waves socks on Saturday night. And I love them!!! I wore them yesterday with my earth shoe clogs. They were very warm, but didn't give me sweaty tootsies. I hope they wear well. They are unblocked of course in this pic, and they need to be thrown in the wash. But I couldn't wait to wear them!

I've cast on for toe-up socks with my sock it to me springtime yarn. I've got the first figure 8 toe done and I'm getting ready to cast on for the second. I'm gonna try two socks on two circs for this one. I think my knitpicks sock garden hydrangea (the yarn that is cursed... lol) might be turning into jaywalker socks. I really like that pattern. I've become a sock junkie. Oh my.