Boobie Blitz: Day One

Remember I mentioned that I was gonna do something big to try to raise funds for my walk? Well here it goes. This my friends, is a week-long boobie blitz. Did you know that every 69 seconds a woman somewhere in the world dies of breast cancer? Nearly once a minute someone loses a wife. A daughter. A mother. An aunt. A grandma. Forever. Part One: So there are four ways you can support my insane 3-Day 60-Mile endeavor to change that.

  1. Donate! All donations are tax deductible and if your work has matching gift programs, take advantage of 'em!
  2. Buy Patterns! All PicnicKnits patterns are 25% off for the first week of October. And all proceeds this first week will go to my race fundraising. So if you've been eyeing Daphne Ann and think she's too pricey.... well right now she's only $7.13. And most of my other patterns will be from $3.75-$4.50 - it's bargain time!
  3. Buy T-Shirts! These awesome t-shirts are a great way to support the boobies. All proceeds from these shirts go to our team fundraising efforts.
  4. Shout it out! Maybe now isn't a good time for you to be buying things. Maybe you've already donated (thank you!) or whatever. Point other people here! If you can help me publicize this, that would be awesome.  Look, I even have a cute little graphic you can steal and put on your blog!
  5. Part Two: I'm designing a very pink shawlette. I'm starting today and it will be finished and published by the end of the week. It's worked up in Malabrigo Light of Love (so very pinkity pink!) in the sock put-up.  So by the end of the week you will see the real ins and outs of me designing. Warning: it ain't pretty!

    boobie-blitz 004

    Part Three: Oh and wait - there are prizes! This week every single day I will be giving away some pretty nifty prizes for knitters and some even for non-knitters (gasp!) And all you have to do to be entered in the drawing is comment.  Today's question of the day - have you lost anyone to breast cancer? For me it was my Aunt Diane. The craziest, most fun, most loving person ever. Later this week I'll tell you some fun stories about her.

    So to be entered in the drawing for the prize, you just have to comment on this post. I'll announce the winners of all the prizes on October 8th. If you've not lost anyone, count your blessings and send some love to those who have, but you gotta comment to be entered to win. So without further adieu, here's today prize:

    boobie-blitz 001

    A Namaste Circular Needle Case. This is an accordion case in a beautiful shade of (you guessed it!) bubblegum pink! It's perfect for corralling all the crazy circular needles you have floating around. In fact, I really need to get one for myself!

    boobie-blitz 002

    And just to kick things off, we have a blitz song today for your amusement and entertainment. Hey! Ho! Let's Go!