So on Tuesday, 11/12/13, I did something very exciting. I officially signed the contract on my very first book. I've been wanting to do this forever and I am so excited! Do you see that word right above and below my name? AUTHOR. I am going to be an author. So exciting! sig

Also on Tuesday my very first box of book yarn arrived. I find this particularly amazing. I ask folks for yarn for my book and they say yes! It's so neat to be at the stage in my career where I feel like I can confidently ask for yarn support. Of course the fact that I'm writing the book for Interweave sweetens the request more than just a little bit!


Of course now I get to do exciting things like buy ALL the plastic baggies! Heather swears we knit designers should get some kind of bulk discount on ziplocs. I feel like I spend more on plastic baggies and post-its than I do on knitting needles!


So yeah, I'm writing a book. I am alternately excited and terrified! It will definitely be a wild ride and I'm sure I'll learn tons. And become very friendly with my UPS man. I wonder if he will be excited that I'm writing a book. That reminds me - I need to call my mom!