Busy, busy bee.

I've been feeling overly domestic lately. Baking lots of bread, lots of home cooked meals and new recipes. I'm blaming it on fall, but it's hard to say. I got a breadmaker for $3.50 the other day at the thrift store. I've been using it like crazy. I got the manual for it online and everything is working perfectly. It's awesome! This bread below however, did *not* come from a breadmaker. This is the basic boule recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day. And it really is that fast. The dough mixes up in no time. There is no kneading. Let me say that again - there is NO kneading. You keep the dough in the fridge and just break off a piece, let it rise and then bake it. Delicious!


In the knitting world, I finished my new shawl pattern that has been named Argante.  I bound off tonight (all 2 stitches of it!) and will soak it in a few minutes for blocking. The shaping came out perfectly - you can see how nicely the short-row method I used looks in the picture below. Can't wait to see what this beauty blocks out like!


Oh and speaking of bees, I have a joke for ya. What kind of bees give milk? Wait for it.... Boobies!