Cable Experiment

Well, after about 17 different froggings and/or tinkings, I'm making some major progress on my Kitt Trinket Bag. I've used a full skein of the Mission Falls 1824 Wool. Danged little skeins. I got all of the ribbing done for the top and about 2/3 of the first cable repeats. I'm glad I decided to do this project, as I'm really learning quite a bit about how cables go together. This gives me some confidence to maybe try Mariah or one of the girlfromauntie cabled pullovers. Actually though, I really need more of a cardigan sweater or hoodie so that I can use it as a winter coat. It just doesn't get very cold here, so a coat or even heavy sweaters for indoors is just silly.

In other news I wore my chickami out on the town Friday night. The Get Animated crew came to our town and the boys played games and got prizes. My baby did his best dancing and won a video game for his mad skillz. But as the evening wore on, the straps on my chickami about doubled in length. So I was showing some major boobage and bra by the time we got to dinner. Always nice in polite mixed company. *sigh*

I made homemade pesto tonight and it was a disaster. So bad the man and the boy who enjoys pesto pizza would not even eat it. That bad. What a waste of $27 worth of pine nuts. Not really, but pine nuts are super expensive. Can you tell I'm avoiding my husband? 9:33 on a Saturday night and I'm holed up in my office with my knitting, my Harry Potter books on CD, and my computer. Pathetic. But he got bossy about housework again. I may just spend the night in here.