California Dreamin'

I have an unreasonable fondness for Mama Cass. If you are my friend on Facebook and have Spotify you would see that I listen to my Mama Cass playlist a lot. Like constantly. And California Dreamin' is one of my favorite songs by the Mamas & Papas. Although technically it's the music of my parents, it's some of my favorite stuff. mamacass

And California Dreamin' is what I'm doing right now. Because come Friday I will be winging my way across the country to California for the TNNA winter show. I've never been that far west. Shoot, I've not been past Nebraska. I'm not much of a traveler. I've been to Canada once, but that's the only time I've even been out of the country. I keep meaning to fix that, but my dislike of flying makes it tough. Ok, dislike is too soft of a word. That I absolutely loathe flying might be more accurate. In fact if someone could give me some happy pills and wake me when the flight is over that would be quite nice.

Some folks going to the TNNA show in California are excited about the warmer weather. For me, living in Florida, it will be about the same. But I'm still excited to see a bit of the country I've never seen before. Even though it's for a trade show I will have a bit of free time, and Heather and I plan to try to do something fun/touristy while we are there!

So to celebrate going to California I'm having a little BOGO sale. Buy one get one on any PicnicKnits patterns or e-books! (Standard BOGO rules, buy two items, get the less expensive one for free!) Just use the coupon code "california" naturally. And if you have any suggestions on what two knit designers might do in Los Angeles on a Monday afternoon/evening before our late flights out, let me know!