Can't trust that day

12:01 AM - Really loud train. I mean loud like the foundation is rattling. Normally I don't hear the trains - I've gotten used to them, but this one woke me. And woke the man. The man rolls over and begins to snore. 12:02 AM - 5:47 AM - The man snores. The dog snores. The dog gets up and goes to the livingroom and comes back a lot as well. Needless to say, there is no sleeping. The alarm will go off at 6:00 AM but there really is no point in staying in bed anymore. I'm surprised I've made it this long. So I decide to get up and get an early start and take my shower.

5:48 AM - See the dog crap. Everywhere. The livingroom is littered with it. Count my blessings that I didn't step in it. It seems to be studded with bacon. Who in the heck gave the dog bacon?

6:17 AM - Fall into the toilet. Like the bum touches water. Because someone left the toilet seat up. Which never happens in my house, hence the falling in.

6:18 AM - Finally get in the shower. Feeling extra dirty. The carpet is all cleaned up and I spend some extra time with a nail brush cleaning my hands. Ugh.Recite the serenity prayer ad nauseum to try to force my mind back into a good place.

Despite all of this nonsense I make it through. I'm even in a relatively good mood.I still love the man who I blame for the snoring, the bacon (and the related poo), and the toilet escapade. I pack lunches, I hug boys, I send them out the door.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed.