Cast On Bind Off

A good while back I received an e-mail - asking me to review a book. I don't normally get these sorts of e-mails, but it was a technique book so I was intrigued and said sure - send me a book. So they sent me a copy of Leslie Ann Bestor's Cast On Bind Off. book

First off - I just want to say that I think that using spiral binding on a technique book is nothing short of genius. I have a fair few stitch dictionaries. And some of them are looking pretty worn out because I turn to them so frequently. I think this cute little book will stand up to my abuse!


And I'm pleased to say that I will actually use this one. Not only does she offer a nice long list of different beginnings and ends, she also gives you the why. As in why you would want to use this cast-on or bind-off. Or why not. Sometimes I think the "why-nots" are even more important!

Each and every cast-on has an amazing amount of pictures - pictures of how it looks from different angles and wonderfully detailed how-to photographs.


I actually got to meet the author, Leslie Ann Bestor, at TNNA and she was lovely. A smart girl would have taken her book and had Leslie Ann sign it and gotten a cute picture of her, but hey, it was my first TNNA and I forgot a lot of things. Like say my hairdryer. Ahem.


I was quite shocked to find there were a number of techniques in this book that I had never heard of, much less attempted, so I feel I can safely say that it would be useful to novices and experienced knitters alike! After I received the book and realized how much I wanted to keep it for my very own self, I had to scramble back to the e-mail because I was pretty sure I was expected to give it away. But huzzah! This is not the case. I am having a giveaway but they will send it to you and I get to keep my copy. Which is good for you because I might have licked it. Ok, not really. But anyhow...

If you comment on this entry by end of day on July 12th, I will choose a very lucky winner on Friday to get their own copy of Leslie Ann Bestor's Cast On Bind Off. So comment away. Tell me something amusing. Go!

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