Casting Call

The dude got his cast today. I'd show you a picture, but he's already in bed. It's light blue (the better to be signed) and it is cast below the elbow. This is very good news. It gives him way more mobility of course, and it will allow him to play his trumpet. Plus they said it wasn't a bad break at all and that he only needs the cast for a month. So some good news out of the bad. I re-skeined some yarn tonight. The man is a genius and he helped me rig up the swift sideways. Made for much easier re-skeining if I do say so myself.  I can't tell you the names of the yarns though, because that will ruin the surprise! I'm very excited about this. These two skeins are my most recent experiments. Using my preferred dyeing process and my preferred base yarn. Squee!