Satellite Offices

Being a knit designer, I work from home. In theory. In practice I work everywhere. Today I snuck in a few rows on a swatch while selling ice cream at my younger son's school. They are raising money for their 8th grade trip to Universal. We all scream!

Now I'm trying to repair my broken relationship with another one of my workplaces - Panera. I love working at Panera, and I try to be a good customer. I try to time things so that I'm not here at rush time. I never take up a 4-top table when I'm all by myself. And I always buy lunch. But Panera has been doing me wrong lately. The last half dozen times I've visited I could not get on their internet. But today we seem to be back in business.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 1.27.57 PM

My most favorite place to work is the beach. But that's really only good for days when I have uncomplicated knitting to crank out. And sadly it's going to get cold soon. Yes, I know cold is relative, but I've adjusted to the weather down here!

My other satellite office is the library. The wifi is strong, the a/c is true, the chairs are comfy, and people mostly follow the "Shhhh! It's a library!" rule. If I could just get the city here to stop jacking around with the hours and locations, it would be perfect. But for some reason Jacksonville seems to think that the libraries are a reasonable place to apply massive budget cuts. I've signed petitions and attended meetings, and well you know... I mean our own federal government isn't even doing their job, so why should I expect our city to be doing better?

Sometimes I kind of miss having a real office. When I worked outside the home my favorite job was as a technical trainer. I had a huge classroom outfitted with macs and PCs and my own podium and huge desk. It was nice to have a door that I could close and a place to collect my thoughts. I think all my random "workplaces" are an attempt to recapture that.

Where do you do your best work? Your best knitting? What are the hidden workplaces I'm missing?


I still design shawls and wraps on a basically constant basis, but I've been doing more and more garments for publication. I'm in the crazy throes of finishing two sweaters right now for spring magazines, and I've had a few sweaters come out for this fall. I need to blog about all of the them, but we'll start with Morganite.


I've never designed for Pom Pom Quarterly before, but when I found out my good friend Ruth of Rock 'N Purl was my tech editor for this piece, I knew I'd made a very good decision. So I did my thing, I designed the sweater, got it knit up, and sent it across the pond as it were. And then yesterday I got to see the pictures!


I am in love with all of it! Yes I know I designed it so I shouldn't be so surprised, but really! The styling, the drop dead gorgeous model, the way the photographer made the yarn just sing... Love it! (And the model even tweeted about loving my sweater - squee!)


You can pre-order the digital and print version of Pom Pom Quarterly here - 8 gorgeous patterns! They do a neat thing where you get a print copy and a Ravelry download of the patterns, so you can keep it safe in your Ravelry library and access it anywhere. You can also peruse some of the amazing back issues of Pom Pom on the site.


I have to say, it's been such a great experience working with them, I will definitely be submitting to Pom Pom Quarterly again!



This pattern started with a tweet. Before I had completely formulated the plan Liberty's Yarn was offering yarn support. And when I received the gorgeous yarn, I knew there was a gorgeous leafy motif I wanted to incorporate. And so it went. IMG_4354

We won't speak of my math-impaired brain or how I frantically knit the sample for this in a 2-day coffee-powered Doctor Who haze. The shaping on this is simple and works quite nicely and makes a wide crescent shaped shawlette that is easy to wrap around around you. The small size is 60" wide and 12" deep. The large size is 72" wide and 15" deep.


This shawl is named after the March of Spring by Frederick Delius. I went to my favorite used book store - Chamblin's Bookmine - to see if I could find any books about Frederick Delius.


I stood in front of the composers section at the book store. This is the biggest, best bookstore I have ever been in by the way - 55,000 square feet of books. Miles and miles of aisles of books. Every sort imaginable. If you want it, they have it. And they have the best employees - true bookworms - who can always help you find what you need. But I stood there trying to find something on Delius. He's a bit obscure, so nothing jumped out at me. Until I saw the word "Samarkand" on a book spine. We listened to a great fantasy story a while back about the Amulet of Samarkand. So that was the very first book I pulled off the shelf.


Yep, Frederick Delius. I stood there in amazement, and I think I must have been talking to myself in amazement because the lady next to me gave me an odd look and scurried away. Knitting this shawlette was an adventure, and with Liberty's gorgeous Bluetopia yarn I loved every stitch.


Delius is the second of the Seven Songs. It's available in the e-book for $21.95 - and there are five more patterns coming. Or you can buy it individually for $6.00

And with this song there is a special bonus. Liberty kindly sent me two skeins of the Absinthe Bluetopia, so you have an opportunity to win a skein! Comment on this entry and you will be entered to win your very own skein. I will draw the winner on Friday!

Forgetful Friday Freebie

I had intended to put up a Friday Freebie this morning, but everyone in my house is home today. The man, the 2 boys, the dog - everyone. I've had a sick boy home all week so I've basically gotten nothing done all week long.  We went to the movies to see the Green Hornet (which I loved btw) but now we are back home and everyone is back to their regularly scheduled program of driving me insane!

So anyhow, let's look at something pretty...


It's my Pierrette pattern. And for today only, it's free. So go and get it!

Sooper Seekrit

Well for some reason I got a bug up my butt and decided that NOW is the time for me to really start submitting to more magazines and publications. So today, in between housecleaning and volunteer work, I swatched. And I swatched some more. And I drew sketches, and wrote descriptions. And hopefully come some time tomorrow, I will be ready to mail some stuff. So I have nothing to show you today. And I was so busy that I had no time to take pictures of anything beautiful or amusing. I think I will officially deem this my lamest blog post ever. Stupid November.

Wednesday Wip-day

The Pettine shawlette is coming along. But I have come to the conclusion that I might the slowest knitter in the universe. I have suspected this before. But I timed myself yesterday and it wasn't pretty. I may try an "official" time test in the future, but it might just be depressing. Fortunately the shawlette is gorgeous and makes me feel better...


I love the Malabrigo sock yarn. I don't know exactly how they do what they do, but the colors blend so perfectly. There are no jarring steps from color to color, and it just seems beachy and soft and sort of stone-washed.

I'm hoping to get it finished today. I have another sample coming my way and it would be good to get them all blocked at once. And then it's onto the next big thing.