The Seven Sheep

So it's finally done. All Seven Sheep have been published. I'm really, really in love with this collection. And let me just tell you the Baah! La Jolla will do anything. It cables, it laces, it does mesh, and it blocks like a dream. The colors are out of this world and there really is a color for everyone. So you really, really need some Baah in your life! seven-sheep-collage

Hopefully now that you can see the entire collection you can see it's totally worth the $21.95 price tag. Seven lovely shawl and shawlette patterns - all with the different construction methods and shapes, and all with a special personality all their own. One of the things I like to do on a day when I wonder what the heck I think I'm doing with my life is peruse my project galleries. And if you go here, you can see some of the beautiful projects folks have made using my Seven Sheep patterns. That always lifts me up!

Pretty Cast On

I have a favorite cast-on. It's kind of weird. Other folks have used it I'm sure, but it was an idea that I had that worked out really nicely. You cast-on over two needles (or one really big one) and then you immediately do a ton of double increases. Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 2.05.12 PM

When you work in stockinette stitch you get a nice little star cluster effect that runs all along the cast-on edge.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 2.05.33 PM

It does however have a natural curve and tightness to it. Frequently knitters will worry that it's too tight. It's not! I promise. When you go to block the design it will block out into the perfect crescent edge, like you see in Longfellow below:


Or in Lawsonia:


You can even use it in garter stitch shawls like Jovia, although the cluster effect is not as pronounced.

 What's your favorite cast-on?

Thursday Thirty

All of the sudden tons of people I know seem to be turning 30. Having recently turned 40, 30 seems, well ages ago. Ten years. What has changed in ten years? 4817_100948042126_3393492_n

See those adorable little monsters? Well the blonde one is now just shy of 6 feet tall. Which is taller than me! And my dark haired baby is 5'5" - taller than all the grandmas and creeping up on me fast. My baby will be a teenager in 8 days. It all just goes way too fast!

For me personally, I'm not quite as cute as I used to be, but I'm infinitely happier. I have my own little business that I work from home, I get to volunteer and be overly involved in my boys' lives. And I have a husband that adores me and does stuff like build me a humongous desk in the middle of the night - pics of that later!

What's the point of all of this introspection? I don't know. But hey, let's have a sale! 30% off any PicnicKnits patterns or e-books! That means you can get individual patterns for $4.20 and the Seven Sonnets or the Seven Songs for $15.37!!! For the Seven Sonnets - which only has 3 patterns released that's like paying $5.12 for each pattern and then having 4 more patterns coming for free! It's a very good time to buy!

Check out my complete pattern store on Ravelry and use the code "thirty" for 30% off!



This pattern started with a tweet. Before I had completely formulated the plan Liberty's Yarn was offering yarn support. And when I received the gorgeous yarn, I knew there was a gorgeous leafy motif I wanted to incorporate. And so it went. IMG_4354

We won't speak of my math-impaired brain or how I frantically knit the sample for this in a 2-day coffee-powered Doctor Who haze. The shaping on this is simple and works quite nicely and makes a wide crescent shaped shawlette that is easy to wrap around around you. The small size is 60" wide and 12" deep. The large size is 72" wide and 15" deep.


This shawl is named after the March of Spring by Frederick Delius. I went to my favorite used book store - Chamblin's Bookmine - to see if I could find any books about Frederick Delius.


I stood in front of the composers section at the book store. This is the biggest, best bookstore I have ever been in by the way - 55,000 square feet of books. Miles and miles of aisles of books. Every sort imaginable. If you want it, they have it. And they have the best employees - true bookworms - who can always help you find what you need. But I stood there trying to find something on Delius. He's a bit obscure, so nothing jumped out at me. Until I saw the word "Samarkand" on a book spine. We listened to a great fantasy story a while back about the Amulet of Samarkand. So that was the very first book I pulled off the shelf.


Yep, Frederick Delius. I stood there in amazement, and I think I must have been talking to myself in amazement because the lady next to me gave me an odd look and scurried away. Knitting this shawlette was an adventure, and with Liberty's gorgeous Bluetopia yarn I loved every stitch.


Delius is the second of the Seven Songs. It's available in the e-book for $21.95 - and there are five more patterns coming. Or you can buy it individually for $6.00

And with this song there is a special bonus. Liberty kindly sent me two skeins of the Absinthe Bluetopia, so you have an opportunity to win a skein! Comment on this entry and you will be entered to win your very own skein. I will draw the winner on Friday!