Corn-fusion reigns….

I did the 76 stitch version of jaywalker last night for a good long while. It got me nowheres. Nowheres. The resulting tube was huge. And I have big feet. I'm 5'10". I wear a size 10 shoe. If I didn't, I would fall over. You need a size 10 platform to keep from falling over when you're as tall as I am. But this sock-ling was sized for Shaq. So....

I cast-on again. Toe-up, thinking I could figure this mother out. My gauge changed. What was 7 spi, was suddenly 8 spi. So then I thought surely I should be able to do the 76 stitch version from this cast-on. But no.... These were fit for only Andre the Giant (may he R.I.P.)

What am I doing wrong? I don't freaking know. I am beginning to believe that the hydrangea yarn is cursed. Hexed, vexed, evil, possessed, something. I have used this yarn to cast on at least 20 times for different socks. And after a few inches, it usually becomes apparent that they won't work. Of course sometimes I finish most of a freaking sock before I realize the problems. Is this just the pe (perfectionist eye) rearing it's ugly head? Maybe. But a sock that doesn't fit... Well it just doesn't fit.