Day-tripping... or Dude, where's my lunch?

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in NE Florida, and Kimber and I had plans. Big plans. She needed some fleece. Some fiber. Some unspun yarn. I needed, well I needed nothing. But I love a good gabfest disguised as a roadtrip. We set off around 11am, and headed to Brown Dynasty Alpacas. She had a mini Mountain Dew, I had a Diet Coke, we had Carmen the Garmin.


And then we arrived at the Alpaca homestead and were treated to cuteness like Stormy...


And these guys...



We weren't allowed in the gate with the girls. And the girls, especially Shirley shown below, were not happy with us fraternizing with their fellows. She even threatened to spit on us!


This is Shirley's daughter. Love those buck teeth!


Then Kimber and I decided to make a small-ish side trip, because Gainesville is *so* on the way home. This is one of the many trees we passed, I think Kimber might have been driving a wee bit fast.


And wait, here is a lovely um, well, we think it's a prison. Yeah.


By the time we got to Hanks, we decided to forgo lunch in lieu of yarn-shopping. This was a big mistake. Shoot, I didn't take any pictures at Hanks. I did however take a picture of the lovely yarn that begged to come home with me. I see cables in it's future, don't you?


Speaking of big mistakes, this is what poor Kimber looks like when we forgo lunch til past 3pm...


Oh and this is my best hungry self-portrait. Not nearly as cute.


And just in case 3 million pictures was not enough. We'll conclude this day-tripping tale with proof that I am the coolest mom ever. In case there was any doubt.


It's an i-cord Indiana Jones bullwhip. Yeah, I rock.