Design Day

So today I got up on time. I showered. I got the boys to school - on time.  (That is a miracle in and of itself!) I came home. I tidied up the kitchen. I made the bed. I vacuumed the floors. I even went into my room and re-organized all my yarn shelves. It was a very productive morning. I decided what was for dinner and then I settled in to do some design work.


And I promptly found that all of my designing mojo had left the building. Apparently a clean-ish house sucks it right out of you. Or me at least. So I've spent the rest of the day struggling with design stuff. Finally as the time for boys to come home approached I found some inspiration. But it was not an easy day. I think sometimes on a day like this that I would probably be better off scrubbing my bathroom walls or something.

From now on I will do all of my swatching in Sanguine Gryphon yarn. When I picked up my red Bugga remnants (leftover from Renita) that's when I finally started to get some things going.  Maybe the clean house is not as problematic as it seems. Maybe I just need the right inspiration - the really beautiful kind.