I should clarify that yesterday's post was more a wordless Wednesday thing and less of a life sucks so hard that I need mojitos. Although mojitos are always nice. Here's the thing about the whole blogging everyday in November - you get some glimpses inside my brain. Which can sometimes be amusing, and sometimes be frightening. Heck, I try not to look too closely in there and it's my brain!

I'm really trying hard to get a handle on the whole housework/business time management nonsense. And the end result is that I'm really grumpy. Like grumpier than usual. Some people might tell you I'm a happy go lucky sort of girl.

Those people don't know me very well.

So anyhow on the work/home front, I have settled into a bit of routine with the house stuff at least. I've been doing laundry every single day and making sure it all gets put away immediately. I've been keeping the sink empty and the beds made. I even cleaned out my coupon binder and started refilling it with (unexpired) coupons. Wait til you see the binder. It's epic.

But as usual, when one area is under control, another area goes into screaming yellow zonkers mode. So now I get to try to keep up my house routines AND get my um, stuff together with my designing. Wish me luck!