Diets suck.

Food diets AND yarn diets. The food diet is because you guessed it, I'm fat. The yarn diet is because the man and I have been kind of spending way too much money on things that aren't essential. Me at the yarn stores, him at Harbor Freight. I guess it's his yarn store equivalent. I think it smells funny. But men all seem to love it. So there.

The good news about my yarn diet (if there can be any) is that it comes right after a yarn binge. And I have enough projects to last me a long good while. A very long good while.

Right now I am actively working on too many things. Such as sitcom chic.

I think it will be nice. I'm only having one eensy beensy problem. The curly needles. I did the whole "soak 'em in boiling water" trick. But once I got yarn on them they curled right back up. I'm gonna work the project off onto a pair of size 8 straights and see if I can make them not so curly. Cause they are giving me gas.