Emergency Boobie Blitz Post!

Y'all. Really? I am appalled, shocked, and saddened by the number of folks that have not seen Steel Magnolias. Really? This movie is so quotable and so moving and so funny - really? You haven't seen it? I have to rectify this situation. Right. Now. So we have an emergency Boobie Blitz prize. Actually we have two. The fact that this movie was available in the $5 movie section makes me wanna cry. But that means you have two, two chances to win the movie. And then you can watch it. And love it. And cry the ugly cry over it. And then watch it a few more times so you can be adept at quoting it when the situation is appropriate. And quoting it when it's totally inappropriate.


And if you have a bunch of friends that haven't seen it - have a party - invite them over - share the love. So comment if you need this movie. And if you don't win, and you haven't seen it, go to Target or Wal-Mart or something and buy it for $5. Please. I'm begging you.