Broken Chocolate Socks



Broken Chocolate Bar Socks - A Sock Recipe

Once upon a time I tried to make some chocolate bar socks. I had the perfect yarn, and I actually measured a Hershey bar to make the blocks the right size and shape. (Yes I am that person). But it did not work out as I envisioned. I felt thwarted and dejected. But one fine day I was thumbing through one of those stitch-pattern-a-day type dealie-bobs and I saw it. It was perfect – it was simple, but interesting. And it looked like broken bars of chocolate.

The best part is that it’s only a 3-stitch pattern. So you can make socks of any size or shape. So I decided to do something different. Instead of telling you how many to cast-on and exactly when to do A, B, and C – you get to decide. This is a recipe, not a pattern.

I'm starting to think that free is like the most popular word on my blog nowadays. Free, free, free. Well it's your lucky day. Because this pattern is free. Download now!!!