The snood is completed. It took forever. It's gorgeous and it's worth it, but still. That is it on my son's head. I can't very well take a picture of the back of my own head, now can I?

In other news I have a very primal need to knit something now. And nothing in my pile is calling my name. Nothing. And I still have those 6 balls of white cotton ease and the 12 balls of knitpicks shine twist to do something with. Something summery. Something garment like. Oh man.

I picked up two balls of Moda Sassy Stripes the other day. They were on clearance and I'm gonna try to make man socks out of them. They are the "storm" colorway which is varying shades of greys.

I need something exciting to write, but my head is blank. Plus I'm annoyed at the man for the whole flower thing yesterday so I just want to piss and moan. Oh well. More later I guess.