Finally some spirit

Last night I finally put up my Christmas tree. Normally I do this the day after Thanksgiving. As a child my mother always waited until like the week before Christmas and it killed me! So I decided as an adult that I would put mine up good and early. But this year we went to Disney that weekend (never again - so crowded!!!) so the tree stayed in the closet. And then we had two weeks of sick boys with colds and flu. And I slowly but surely became quite grinch-like. But finally last night we ordered some pizza and put it all together! And I couldn't be happier. The Christmas spirit - I've got it!

What I've also got is a serious amount of love for this Breathless yarn by Shalimar Yarns. Seriously. This stuff is like butter. And the design concept that I had in my head is working out way, way better than planned. See?


There's cables and lace and garter and all sorts of textured, lacy goodness. I love it. Totally love it. And it will be available come January 1st as the finale of the Seven Sonnets.