Five Gold Rings - ba dump bump bump

When it comes to Christmas music I am a sucker for all things Muppets. Especially the John Denver Muppet Christmas album. And I say album because we totally had it on vinyl. Yep, I am an old woman. A fact I am feeling quite acutely after getting my toes tangled in the tinsel in the Christmas closet and crashing down hard. The bruises are annoying. The overall achy-ness that comes from the fall and the fact that I did three hours of yardwork on Sunday is just ridiculous. When did I get this old? I really need to get in better shape - but that is a post for January 1st ;)


Today we have something golden that is free. So for today and today only, the Cordelle pattern is free with the coupon code "golden". Only four days left til Christmas. Yep, I'm sweating it. How's your holiday preparations going?