Forks and spoons

I love being finished with things. I do not love the feeling that I have where I kind of flounder deciding exactly what I should do next. It's unnerving. Although I want to be a planner, I am not. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I have shiny object syndrome and all the other annoying personality traits that make it extremely hard for me to focus. So today I will plan, and I will organize, and I will prepare. I will tidy my house and my office and I will get ready for the next big thing. Like actually getting published somewhere.


Summer is coming. The boys have five weeks of school - maybe less. I need to figure out my plan for this summer so that I don't pitter it all away. Last summer I was relatively successful at the designing business. This summer I plan to dye and design. I just need to raise a bit of capital to make some investments for the dyeing and designing. Wholesale base yarns.... Knit Visualizer... these are on my dream list.


And oh my goodness I want to kill this yarn. I love it so, but I have taken hundreds of pictures of it and I can't still can't get the color right. Honestly. The pictures aren't right and I don't have the skills to adjust the color to what it really should be. Stupid, beautiful turquoise.