Good Intentions

I've been trying to post more regularly, but sometimes, well sometimes good intentions are all you got. So what have I been doing instead? Well I've been sketching up designs and writing patterns like whoa. But of course I can't post any pictures. I built a swift/skein-winder. Yes, yes I did. I used this tutorial. Just a word to the wise - this is NOT a $10 project. Not at all. I bought all of my supplies at home depot (just like the tute author) and it came to well over $30. And that's not including the $13 I spent on a pvc cutter. And it looks like this: ghetto-fabulous

And I finally started getting together some of the stuff to put in my etsy shop. Like this:


And this:


The superwash really took the colors and just made them sing. I'm so pleased with it! In other news I am dreaming of vacation. We're going up north, and the weather is looking to be sunny and seventy degrees. 70 degrees? That's like winter. I'm so excited I can't see straight.