Green Pettine?

Did you know that Green and Pettine rhyme? Actually I think I name most of my patterns so strangely that most folks have no idea how to pronounce them.  So here's a primer for the ones that I think are open to interpretation:

Gaenor (GUH-nor) - Um, I can't remember where I got this one. Or why I decided it was pronounced the way it was. But some folks refer to it as the Gloria Gaynor shawl, so everytime I'm thinking about it I end up singing "I Will Survive"

Argante (Are-GONE-tay) - This one is a name from Arthurian legends. The Queen of Avalon.

Katara (Kuh-TAR-uh) - This one is easy. This is named after the heroine in the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which is awesome for grown-ups and kids. I can't wait to see the movie. This was one of the few designs I named sort of based on color. Katara is from the North pole where it is icy and watery - like the yarn color.

Lotier (Low-TEE-ay) - This one is  French(ish) for lotus. I thought the lace pattern I came up with looked like lotus flowers.

Sariel (SAR-ee-el) - This is a rarely used name for an Archangel. The Malabrigo colorway is Archangel. I soooo wanted to photograph this shawl draped over an angel statue but I couldn't find anything locally.

And of course Pettine (PUH-teen) rhymes with green. And Pettine is a variation of a word for little scallops. Which I thought the lovely top edging looked like. And it's the reason we are here today. It's a PicnicKnits contest!!!!

Lettuce Malabrigo

Today's contest is for one skein of the loveliest green Malabrigo sock yarn - Lettuce to be exact, and the Pettine pattern to go with it! If you've not used the Malabrigo sock yarn, well it's just as squishy and delicious as it looks!

Here's how you play. You leave a comment with your favorite color - and your favorite fingering weight yarn (if you have one!). All comments for this contest must be posted before 6AM Eastern Standard Time on Friday May 14th. I will choose a winner by random number on Friday morning. You will receive the yarn and a hard copy of the Pettine pattern. Anyone in the world can enter. I will tell you that I will be sending the package 1st class US mail, so if you live somewhere very far away it might take a bit to get to you. But it will get there.

Good luck!