How many baths?

How many baths can a girl take in one day? I think this will be number four. Although I'm contemplating taking a shower, just so I can wash my hair. But then going to bed with wet hair seems like asking for trouble. But the baths are the only thing that soothe the coughing. For awhile after a bath, the coughing goes away, and I feel warm and toasty. And not like I'm going to expel my left lung at any given moment. In other news I have a finished object to show from the other day. It's too big to take a picture of in the lightbox, so I need to wait for sunlight. And today, with the sick, the sunlight just wasn't happening. It's a ruffly edged wrap done up in the gorgeous thick & thin cotton yarn - Maya by Takhi.  I will try to get a better picture tomorrow, but with the sudden sick the blog fodder is low, so there you go.


Oh and for those of you who asked, I'm 99.99% sure it isn't the swine flu. When the boys got sick on Tuesday we went to the doctor and they tested them for flu. So I'm thinking it's whatever they had. Not fun though. Too much coughing. I hope my version doesn't last 4 whole days (and counting!). Yuck!