I love my leg.


Not one of the two I was born with. The one I bought. It just makes socks look so fricking pretty. Look at how nice the Deaton sock looks. And the foot is arched just so... No, I don't have a problem. Although I am thinking of buying more. Because how nice would a row of socks look for a banner ad?

I'm working on ads for Ravelry. It's coming along. The gimp software is really nice. It's free (bonus!) and it reminds me of the work I used to do with InDesign. At least I think it was InDesign. Maybe it was Illustrator. It was something we used at the newspaper that I used to do mini lessons on, so the stuff is coming back to me, the brushes, the curves, the layers. I'll get there.

In family news, my husband spent a good part of Sunday creating very large weapons for my sons. Nice, eh? They are pvc-pool noodle swords, with about $10 worth of colored duct tape. They are like 5 feet long!!! The boys had quite the battle with their dad in the backyard yesterday. I have my own sword (I named her Brunhilda!) so I got a few good whacks in, but my foot still hurts so I had to beg off.


Yes, I made them wear bike helmets. I considered making them wear jocks, but they said they could "protect their own potatoes". It's Monday morning, so of course I feel like I am made of lead. Eventually I assume this schedule will get easier. But for now, I'm gonna go down to the river with a bag full of heads before class. More on that later.