I'm ready! I'm ready!

Yes, I'm channeling Sponge Bob. Very sad. But I am ready for Stitches South. Well except for the packing and the um, driving, and um, all of that. IMG_4000

But I have a lovely drink mix for me and my girlies. And I bought a brand new awesome sheepy/knitting t-shirt to wear to the PJ party on Friday night.

And I got this...


We had the teal and the black messenger bags at the LYS where I work once a week. And I didn't care for the teal, but I thought the black was too plain. But then I remembered. I HAVE BUTTONS! So I decorated it up just fine and see that blank space on the right? That's where the new buttons will go. Yay buttons!

So if you see me at Stitches South, come up and say hey! I will have a little something for everyone for does. Hope to see you there!