I'm jealous of prolific and popular designers. I want to know how they crank things out so fast. I want a dedicated team of test knitters (actually I already have that!), I want to be cranking things out, I want to sell stuff, I want... Mostly I want to know where my mojo keeps hiding. I just can't seem to get on the ball. The awesome idea that I've had for months for this issue of Knitty? I waited too long and was unable to get it finished. I sketch, I daydream, I write down notes. But I don't follow through. I've always been that way, and I'm not sure how to change it.

I headed out to Hanks today with 3 knitting friends. It was a fabulous little road-trip, complete with a trip to Starbucks and delicious garlic rolls from Leonardo's. I get the best belly laughs with my knitting friends.  But I'm trying to be frugal and nothing screamed "Buy Me!" so I didn't. We went over to lunch and stopped back by the shop to pick up my friends' knitting bags. And there it was. Something I didn't even know I needed.


"Is this for sale?" I reverently whispered. It was. And now it's mine. All mine. And seriously, the amount of design inspiration in that one book - well that's a whole lotta mojo for the bargain price of $24.95 plus tax.