Kidless and forlorn…

Backstory: My church is being remodeled this summer. Therefore, there is no VBS this summer. Therefore, there will be four summer fun days, each spaced two weeks apart on Thursday.... yada, yada, yada.

Yesterday was fun day the first. Summer Splash. I packed the boys, sunscreen, chairs for the three of us, my mariposa in progress, and dropped the man off at work. Then we arrived at church at 9:30. After checking the boys in, I realized that I was supposed to leave. I'm not used to leaving. I felt suddenly very lost.

So what did I do? I went to the LYS of course. And I browsed. For two hours. Because I was broke, but the man got paid yesterday so today I can go back and buy something for my sp.

Fortunately the girlie at my LYS is very understanding and did not seem at all worried that I spent two hours fondling her yarns. I can't believe in two weeks I will have the entire morning to myself again. Strangeness.

Mariposa is coming along slowly. I'm nearly finished with the first back panel. Which means I have a whole nother back panel plus straps to do. *sigh*