Knit.Purl Fall-Winter

It's another installment of OPP - Other People's Patterns. No, that will never get old for me. I'm sorry. Well not really sorry because I'm giggling like a 12 year old. So anyhow... Yesterday I showed you my Quick Wind Pullover from the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Knit.Purl. Today I'm showing you three of the patterns I would knit if I had time for OPP!

First up is Amy Palmer's Painted Pullover. Love this sweater. Looks so comfy and casual, and I love how the yarn does all the work. I also adore A-line shaping - so flattering! And can we just take a minute and swoon over this model's hair? Love it. So much. One day I will grow out my grey and I hope and pray mine looks half this lovely.


I am not an intarsia person. But I would do it for this Dark Rainbow Sweater. I love the lines of this sweater and I love the way she makes the most of gradient yarns. Emma Welford is doing some really fabulous things and I admit it, I'm jealous of her talent! In a nice way.



Finally the Crystal Bay Shawl by Romi Hill. This is just beautiful and I really like her use of the eyelet columns to separate the lace border from the body. This is an excerpt from her book New Lace Knitting - which is just basically a bound volume of gorgeousness. Seriously when I talk about OPP Romi's patterns are always at the top of my list.



So which are your favorite patterns from the new issue of Knit.Purl?