Lack of natural light..

It's too late to take a picture of my beautiful fancy silk socks. I modified the pattern to 72 stitches and I lined things up better. They are coming out awesome.

In other news, I was denied admission to a knitalong. I went back to the yahoo page to see if I had missed something. You know, how some groups will have very specific things they want you to do when you try to join. Didn't see anything. The page doesn't say anything about it being "invite only" or "not accepting new members". In fact, 20 new members were accepted this week.

I'm perplexed. Did I do or say something to offend someone? Maybe. Although in general I try to be rather non-offensive. Or is it unoffensive? Maybe the fact that I don't know the difference has pissed someone off. Maybe it was a mistake? The e-mail said the decision was final. Although I must admit, I'd really like to know why. Even if someone just e-mailed me back to say f*ck off, it would be nice to know. So hey, if you're reading this and you know why I was denied admission to the "Vintage Socks Knitalong" drop me a line. Throw me a bone.

I think the general pissy-ness that I'm feeling regarding this means it's a very good time to back away from the computer. Midol anyone?