Looking ahead

Can it really be that 2011 is only five days away? How did that happen? Time goes so fast when you are not paying attention. Actually I don't think time cares what you're doing - it just goes. The older I get the faster it runs. The boys are ridiculously grown, and life just keeps on going - things changing too much and sometimes too little. Don't I sound poetic and wistful? Actually I'm feeling pretty good. I've got some awesomeness planned for 2011. I already have my first contracted work for the year lined up - even though I've been doing less of that. I've figured somethings out with this designing nonsense. And somedays I even feel like I have a grip on being a good mom and wife.

On that note there are all sorts of mundane mom things that need done today. Bills have been paid, but laundry never goes away, and the tires need rotated, and... well you know. I'm still hoping to put out another design by the end of the year - but we'll see how that goes. Hope your holidays were as blessed and wonderful as mine were.