Made in the shade?

Ok. I am seriously confused. The best pics I can get of my knitting and/or yarn are in the shade?

MaryElla from Knitty, in Knitpicks Shadow laceweight, color Oregon Coast. The heathered effect has some nice purples and greens in it. The beads are from Art on Park, a local gallery. They have a subtle variation - purple to periwinkle to blue to green. It's extremely slow knitting on the 0000 needles aka the pokey needles of death. (Just ask my poor thigh about that...)

And this is some antique rose colored cotton along with black for my Via Diagonale. It's thicker than the recommended yarn, so I'm gonna have to do some gauge swatches and some math on that bugger. But it should be pretty.

And eventually I will get this picture crap down.