Make a new plan Stan...

When it comes to business stuff I need a plan. A theme, a uniting idea. If I had it my way everything I own would match - even if it only matched in my crazy noggin. I try to do un-matchy things and I'm always sorry. So when I decided to do rovings, I needed a theme. A way and a reason and a rhyme to choose colorways. And so I present (officially even) the Butterfly Rovings Line. I definitely took artistic license with the colorways, but there is only so much black you can use before your retinas pop out of your head and run away. So on a lot of them I skipped the black. I'm rather proud of them, and I made a friend who owns a wheel (and not just a drop spindle like me) test them out. She proclaimed them good, and soft, and pretty, so here they are:

Butterfly Rovings

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