Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

So I was texting with Lisa of Lazy Sock Monkey Designs the other day and suddenly realized I had none of her bags. This of course had to be rectified immediately. I completely fell in love with this one: 8534772034_5126aed745_b

And it is mine. I love the mustaches, I love the red lining, I love the little details, like the mustache ribbon accents. It is awesome and it is my new favorite.


But Lisa is also awesome and she sent me an extra bag. And her awesome generosity could be your lucky day! Because I am doing a giveaway.


I've been in a funk lately. And not a funky fun kind of funk. The kind where you are convinced you are useless and a failure as a parent and all sort of non-fun things. So this is how you enter the contest. You make me smile. You tell me something funny or happy or give me a link for a funny picture. Something happy, something good in the comments and you are entered to win this sweet very happy Easter box bag!



The winner will be randomly drawn on Wednesday, March 13th. It has an Easter sheep people! In a pretty Easter egg! Go! Comment! Enter!