Mariposa & Sitcom Chic

BLOG QUESTION? Does anyone else have the HTML progress bars like I do? Sometimes they show up fine, but sometimes the bars cover my face. Maybe it always look fine to the rest of the world? I don't know.

I cast on for Mariposa Friday night.

I'm doing it in the recommended microspun, but in melon with fuschia edging. I've given up on soleil. Anyone wanna swap for or buy 8 balls of Endless Summer Sonata in mauve? *sigh*

I also bought 7 balls of Cotton Ease in white for my sitcom chic. I'm hoping that will be the perfect little sweater to throw over sundresses for church. I hope. We'll see I guess. $28 isn't too bad for the yarn for that though.

Mariposa makes me very happy. Know why? Because I get to make the medium (Duchess) size. It just tickles me. So much nicer than making the 2xl size of everything else.