The mind is a fabulous thing to change

knitwitch-venus So the plans of the other day fell by the wayside. I spotted this gorgeous KnitWitch yarn in my stash and I realized that it needed to be the shawlette for Stitches South. Partly because I bought it last year at Stitches South, but mostly because it's amazing and gorgeous. So now a new design is in progress. Must knit very fast to get it done in time though!

When I went to cast on for this new design today I realized I could not find a single pair of size 7 needles. This was a sadness. So I had to dig out all my needles and go searching and organizing.


I did find a pair of sevens. Actually I found about six different pairs of sevens! I did find out that the second size 7 from my Hiya interchangeable set is definitely gone for good. So I'm hoping that someone at Stitches will be selling those!

And yes I am all Stitches all the time right now. Basically it's my girl's vacation. Me and two of my best friends set out at 5am for Atlanta. Why 5am? Because that's when the Starbucks opens of course! And then we will drive up there with a van about half full of needles and yarn. We will knit and meet other internet friends and buy yarn and go to a PJ party and sleep in very comfy hotel beds and just really relax. And then we'll drive home with a van completely full of needles and yarn. Admit it, you're jealous. Well jealous or you think I'm crazy. I'm good with either.