Mood: Accomplished.

I decided this morning that things needed to be done. That in order for me to more effectively schedule my life, and all the things in it, I had to start by organizing my office/yarn room. So I did. It's a tiny room. One wall is completely shelved, and full of baskets and organizers. The opposite wall holds my computer desk, and a small table with the PS2 & TV for the boys. That's about all that will fit. But the shelves were a disaster. And some of the larger baskets had become catch-alls. Catch-alls that held all the things I couldn't find when I was looking for them. It was kind of epic. Very grand in scale. I took everything off of the shelves, starting on the bottom. I sorted things into piles and threw stuff away. I ended up with a 40-gallon bag full of trash. Which is good.

But when all was said and done, the office looks just so. I know where everything is. And there is even a special nook for my current design projects.


Today the office. Tomorrow the world.