Moret Pullover

My final fall sweater is the Moret Pullover in the fall issue of Creative Knitting. Yes, I have been a busy girl! This one is a fitted slip-stitch stripe pullover in that old faithful - Cascade 220. That was actually the yarn I knit my very first sweater in. A Rogue cabled cardigan - remember that one? That was actually pre-Ravelry!!! moretPullover_300_medium

The slip-stitch patterning would work in many color combinations and yarns, and if you don't care for the fitted look, pick a bigger size and make a cozy oversized pullover! The simple patterning (you only ever work with one color at a time) and the raglan shaping make this a good sweater for an adventurous beginner!

School starts Wednesday. All we have are haircuts and a few football supplies to go. And then I swear I'm going to sleep for a week and not spend a dime lol!